Casa Blanca


San_Juan-La_Casa_BlancaTour Old San Juan, Puerto Rico and cross the amazing Plaza de Beneficiencia with its gorgeous sculpture of Eugenio de María de Hostos, take a right turn and walk to the end of the street to the lovely La Casa Blanca. This adorable white house of Puerto Rico’s colorful past was built by the Ponce de León family in 1521. It is one of the oldest enduring landmarks in San Juan that presents over 250 years of unique structure.  

Even though the house belonged to Juan Ponce de Leon, the first governor of Puerto Rico, he was died in Cuba before returning home hence he never spent a night in this wonderful creation. Nevertheless, La Casa Blanca served as the family home for his relatives over 250 years. La Casa Blanca is a two storey structure with a stunning garden and magnificent fountains, as it gives you a clear picture of 16th and 17th century life on the island.

La Casa Blanca was once a military base for the island, its stone creations was the ideal place to house Puerto Rico's defense fort during colonial times. However, today you can explore the beauty of Casa Blanca and imagine how the locals of the colonial era lived. Casa Blanca is a museum home that tells the chronicles of life of Puerto Rico's founding family. Take a guided tour through the main rooms of the house, where you will see original furniture that lures you to capture the spirit of the island centuries ago.  

While on you tour view the interesting foyer, study, two bedrooms, dining room, amazing kitchen, and the majestic throne room where you will see many colonial artifact and furniture used by the Ponce de León family. La Casa Blanca also offers indoor and outdoor spaces for special occasion on the island.

Visit this remarkable jewel on Puerto Rico’s landscapes and bask in the beauty of Casa Blanca on your next trip to the Caribbean.