Camuy Caves


Camuy Caves The adventure of a lifetime starts at the Río Camuy Cave Park which is located in Ponce, Puerto Rico. You can enjoy a trip to the Camuy Cave system which is the third largest in the world. The tour through the caves takes you to bottomless gorges to the edge of caves that are over 600 feet deep, as well as an underground river.

If you are very active and daring you can take an eco-excursion to the Camuy Caves. Enjoy rappelling down the mouth of one of the caves, mud-sliding, body rafting, and free jumping through these intense caves. Nestled on about 268 acres, the Camuy Caves also houses a cafe, gift shop, walking trails, picnic area, exhibition hall, and theater.

Only a portion of the Camuy Caves Park is accessible to travellers, the many sinkholes and fantastic cave opening offers great explorations options. One of the most spectacular attractions of the caves is the opportunity you get to ride a trolley that falls deep into a sinkhole lined with thick tropical vegetation while the guide tells you about the sights.

Walk across the ramps and bridges and through the brightly illuminated, 170-foot high Cueva Clara, which shuttles you to a platform overlooking the 400 foot deep Tres Pueblo’s sinkhole. You can walk the many steps down into the sinkhole, which is believed to have once been an enormous cavern, and makes a gorgeous sight to behold.

The Cathedral cave is home to a collection of petro glyphs that were sketched into the walls by the ancient Taínos. The Camuy River is responsible for creating this large cave system, as the underground river disappears into the Blue Hole near the town of Lares. Exploring these caves is like being transported to another dimension in time.

The Camuy Caves Park also boasts an abyss where tropical trees, ferns and flowers flourish, at the entrance to the cave you will see splendid quarter’s rich in stalactites and stalagmites and a huge sculpture that was built from limestone centuries ago.

Wander along further to another boardwalk that winds through the cave to a deeper sinkhole with fantastic views down to the Camuy River .You can walk along the platforms, facing the Camuy Caves to see the Camuy River flowing through one cave tunnel to another.

On your next vacation to Puerto Rico visit the famous Rio Camuy Caves and be thrilled with adventure of exploring its large cavities, traveling its bottomless rivers and wondering, what’s next around the corner.