Caguana Indian Ceremonial Park

Caguana Indian Ceremonial ParkWander through the grounds of the mystified Caguana Indian Ceremonial Park which is located in the Central Mountain Range, near Utuado and north of Ponce. On your tour, you can almost hear the shouts of the Taino Indians playing or performing a daily ritual on the well-laid out grounds. Even though the Taino Indians have long gone, their sacred site still remains for you to explore its mystery.
This mountain top Ceremonial Park is where the Caguana Indians host important ceremonial events on the island. Boasting more than 30 courts of revealing discoveries, you can enjoy exploring the grounds as the site lures you to interesting Taino culture and an amazing museum of Taino tradition.
The Ceremonial Park is open Wednesday to Sunday from 9am to 4:30 pm; there is no charge for admission. Walk around the large museum that consists of the main court, a circular court and 10 smaller rectangular courtyards where you can see a collection of Indian artifacts. Stroll through the lovely botanical garden to see the plants used by the Tainos for food.
While Caguana Indian Ceremonial Park is an amusing place to visit in Puerto Rico, it also represents a fine example of primitive engineering. A guided tour will tell you that its structures date back to about 1100 AD is where the Taino Indians built a remarkable Ceremonial Park with cobble-stone pathways with a bird’s eye view from the tribal chief area.
View the many colourful monoliths in the stones that line the level areas, while the Agueybana are nicely decorated with petro glyphs. Stand next to a monolith, which is not taller than the average man and capture the moment of living in this era. Take a path that leads down to the Río Tanamá and bask in the beauty of the setting among the extraordinary limestone hills. It is said that this area is where some of the noteworthy religious rituals took place.
Explore one on the most important archaeological sites in the Caribbean, and enjoy learning about the Tainos while touring entertaining Caguana Indian Ceremonial Park.