Boqueron Beach


Boqueron Beach Experience the lively scenes of San Juan, Puerto Rico and dip into the cool waters of Boqueron Beach. The beautiful island of Puerto Rico is a tropical island that beckons you to explore its impressive surroundings and lovely beaches. The sands at Boqueron Beach are stunning to see as the waters rushes to the shore. Stroll along the light golden color to find baby shells decorating the sand.

Because of its tropical settings on the southwestern corner of the island, the pretty and calm Boqueron Beach is where you will enjoy a day of fun activities. Situated on the outskirts of the village of Boqueron, along the beach side you will see colorful houses and small huts. Foods stands nearby offer the best of Puerto Rico’s tasty dishes, as the waters invite you for a swim.

View the pristine surroundings of Boqueron Beach as the crystal clear crescent bay, with palm trees and white to golden sands provides an oasis to enjoy beach life. Watch the fishermen unload the day’s catch as the locals rush to get the first bargains.

Enjoy your favorite water sports activities and plunge into the depths of the beach. Snorkeling and diving is two of the best ways to explore Boqueron Beach and the best time to visit Boqueron Beach is during the winter months to enjoy miles of secludes spots. In the summer, especially on weekends the beach is crowded.

But with a wide stretch of beach, you can find a cool spot where the golden sands, picnic tables and towering coconut palms offer the perfect ambiance of a relaxing day. Play basketball on the courts; go scuba-diving, kite-surfing, or biking along the shores, as Boqueron Beach creates a haven for the entire family to enjoy a fun-filled day.

Boqueron Beach also provides restrooms, changing facilities, and a snack bar, but admission to the beach is $4 per day. You can choose to stay at any of the fabulous accommodations in the village, so you can be close to all the lively attractions. Because these accommodations offer affordable rates with beach front beauty, you will need to make reservations very early.

Boqueron Beach is scenery of perfect beach beauty, creating the ideal backdrop for relaxation; enjoy swimming in the blueish-green clear waters.