Puerto Rico is situated northeastern in the Caribbean, east of Dominican Republic and west of the U.S. Virgin Islands. This island and its isles are a part of the United States of America. Puerto Rico means island of enchantment and is the smallest island of the Greater Antilles, which is crossed between Hispanic and Anglo cultures. Having one of the oldest and varied cultures in the world, Puerto Rico is a vibrant, modern and multicultural island in the Caribbean.


This colorful island offers very exceptional and culturally oriented experiences for the flamboyant traveler. Nestled in 15th century Spanish forts are restaurants, while an array of shopping malls is situated at the entrance of the lush tropical rainforest. The exciting casinos are located near some of the most astonishing beaches, caves and coral reefs, you have ever seen.

Puerto Rico offers an amazing picture to the culture aware visitor and for outdoor enthusiasts do not miss out on the chance to visit the rare and wild treasure of the Isle of Mona. Take a bus and visit the Bosque Estatal de Carite in the mountains or hop over to the Isle of Culebra to see the wonderful sight of this unspoiled land. Rent a bicycle and ride around the beautiful Isle of Vieques to discover its beauty.

In San Juan, you will find the oldest and best preserved colonial cities in the Americas where you will see locals liming on their verandah with the sounds of the bomba drums filling the air. The walls of the old military forts rise like aged old lookout just above the depths of the wild Atlantic Ocean.

On the south coast of the island, the city of Ponce boasts many museums and old colonial buildings that give an easy going atmosphere to both visitors and locals alike, while being surrounded by the beats of salsa and reggae music. Puerto Rico is a land well known for its charming weather and great hospitality and offers you a wide range of adventures and new experiences.

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