Night life


Nightlife in Puerto RicoThe island of Puerto Rico may seem like the Caribbean’s richly deserved character of being quiet and laid back. But when the sun goes down on the Spanish isle the many cities and town becomes a haven for vibrant lounging activities. Puerto Rico is nestled amid the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, and is also known as the “Island of Enchantment”. Puerto Ricans really know how to party and their nightlife best shows this wonderful character. Puerto Rico draws vacationers from all over the world, mainly to the capital city of San Juan, which is the centre of pulsating rhythms.

If you like great food, Puerto Rico offers both local and international delicious cuisines. Puerto Rican cooking is a blend of Spanish and African traditions, and offers you the chance to taste the best of the island’s exotic and matchless flavors (make sure you get a taste of the very famous fried green plantains or dish of mogongo).

After satisfying your stomach, visit any of Puerto Rico’s nightclubs or discos to listen and dance to Latin beats. The prehistoric town of Mesopotamia comes alive when the Babylon Disco opens its doors, this club offers a balcony that encircles the dance floor, while at the Rumba Night Club, provides a more laidback settings, with lovely atmosphere to dance to the beats of rumba and salsa music.

In Puerto Rico the nightlife is matchless compare to other Caribbean islands, boasting many salsa clubs, bars, casinos, music spots are plenty. If you are an art and music fan, you can enjoy the many museums, galleries or take a visit to any of their performing arts center that opens late in the evenings. The attractiveness and thrill of Puerto Rico is endless as you can enjoy dancing meringue at many of the nightclubs. When the sun sets in Puerto Rico the exciting music takes charge and lures you to dance the night away.

Hoping to win some fortune, visit Puerto Rico’s casinos, where you can play black jack, roulette to poker, and be revitalized with the hope of big winnings. The biggest casino in Puerto Rico is located at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. This casino provides a mixture of attractive complements with sparkling colors that helps to create a beautiful setting, while playing your favourite game. There are quite a few venues that offer you interesting nightly entertainment, so take a trip to the island experience the true Puerto Rican culture.