Bayamon City Hall


Bayamon City Hall Bayamón City Hall is a building in Bayamón City, Puerto Rico, which serves as city hall to the city. The Bayamón City Hall is painted in gray and for a very long time, it was considered the only building in Latin America to cross an avenue from one side to the other. Bayamón area is mostly flat because the city it is located on the Northern Coastal Valley and is one of the largest cities in Puerto Rico, which also a part of the San Juan capital. It was founded in 1772 and is now a lively, flourishing and exciting place to visit while in Puerto Rico.

The city hall is located next to El Parque del Tren, which is another fabulous attraction. This massive 8-storey building boasts a bridge with large glass windows so you can see vehicles passing underneath while crossing the bridge. If you would like to tour the city hall, you will need to walk to the avenue and enter the building next to the avenue where you will find the elevator. In a sense, a visit to the Bayamón City Hall is like visiting the Eiffel Tower, same procedure.

Bayamón City Hall is also a city hall with an interesting building structure as it features a rather unique architectural design. When the building was initially built, it was one of the first buildings to feature this particular piece of design. While touring the Bayamón City Hall, you will find that the upper levels of the city hall are used for official office duties. There is a lovely theatre where you can enjoy a variety of performances and plays staged by many of the island’s top actors.

Once you’ve tour the Bayamón City Hall you can visit the nearest shopping mall and treat yourself to duty-free shopping, as Bayamón boasts a wide selection of remarkable shopping malls where you can buy interesting souvenirs. Have lunch at any of the lovely restaurants and taste the famous meal of los carritos de chicharrón’ this dish is made of different seasoned cuts of pork or chicken deep fried.

There are several other places well worth your visits in the Bayamón area. Some of these are the Luis A. Ferré Science Park; this is a large compound that features something for the whole family, to include playgrounds, zoos to museums. Or, you may consider walking across a massive pedestrian suspension bridge; its architectural design may interest you.

After exploring the city hall you must visit this gorgeous train park next door. The Bayamón City Hall opened its doors in 1980 to the pleasure of the Puerto Rican people. The most intriguing feature of the city hall is that it covers an entire avenue, where you will have to board the elevator to take you to bridge on the second floor.

Most of Bayamón accommodations are placed in the heart of the city, with many of them providing first-class services. These accommodation ranges from hotels, guesthouses to motels and inns, such as the San Miguel Plaza Hotel or the Rodriguez Motel.

Visit the stunning island of Puerto Rico and discover the many attractive landscapes, to include mountains, underground caves, coral reefs, white sandy beaches and an amazingly huge rainforest, as well as one of the most stunning examples of colonial life in the Western world.