50 Puerto Rico Travel Tips


With endless sand, sun and sea, and the perfect blend of Spanish, Indian and African influences, there is so much more to Puerto Rico than what meets the eye. If you are planning a trip to enjoy the swashbuckling history and diverse tropical terrain, these 50 travel tips will help make your trip to the ‘Island of Enchantment’ more spectacular.  

When to Visit Puerto Rico

  • Mid-April to June is the best time to visit Puerto Rico.
  • When planning your trip the Caribbean hurricane season is from June to November, with September and October having the highest storm risk.
  • For the ultimate Puerto Rican experience you should plan your trip during one of the colourful Latin festivals.
  • You should avoid visiting the island during Easter and Christmas as most shops and town centres are closed.

Puerto Rico Safety Tips

  • Although Puerto Rico is the most gay-friendly Caribbean destination, be careful if you are a LGBT traveller.
  • The island experiences its fair share of thefts in San Juan and Ponce as well as some violent drug-related crimes, so be careful when traveling.
  • Look out for pickpockets, especially when you’re at the beach
  • Don’t leave your property unattended at any time or it might get stolen.
  • Don’t go out alone at night and avoid walking along the beaches at night.
  • Make sure your car is always locked and all valuables are out of sight.

Getting Around Puerto Rico

  • Rent a car if you want to experience some of the best scenic drives in all the Caribbean.
  • You should note that your quoted rental car rates do not include insurance and taxes, so be prepared to pay extra for this.
  • If you are staying in San Juan, the best way to explore the area is on foot.
  • If you choose to go out for a night of fun or you are working late taxis are your best go-to option.
  • Puerto Rico Money Saving Tips
  • Hotels charge their highest rates from mid-December to mid-April, so if you are traveling on a budget don’t visit during this time.
  • July is the second tourism high season for hotels and destinations outside San Juan, as this is when most Puerto Ricans take vacation.
  • If you are staying in San Juan, the rates are normally higher on weekends and holidays.
  • It is easier and cheaper for you to find accommodations and flights during the off season.
  • If you are a senior traveller, most hotels and all major airlines offer discounts.
  • The summer season is when you can enjoy the best all round bargains on the island.
  • It is less expensive to visit Puerto Rico during fall and spring.
  • During the peak season, vacation packages may be your only option when taking a trip to the island.
  • You will find some of the best off-season deals, when the children are in school.
  • Food and drinks are quite expensive on the island, so don’t be surprised at the prices.

Puerto Rico Accommodation Tips

  • The word “deluxe” is often used instead of “first class” when it comes to accommodations.
  • Back rooms and lower rooms are less expensive than staying in an oceanfront or upper-floor unit.
  • Some vacation packages, deals and cruises are only available via travel agents.
  • The most carefree way of living can be experienced by staying in a cottage.
  • If you are seeking value for money, the guesthouse option can’t be topped.
  • Most hotels allow children under a certain age to stay at no extra charge.
  • It is recommended that you stay on the Condado if you want to go to the beach every day.

Top Things to do in Puerto Rico

  • For the best seafaring adventure, you should consider the ocean-going ferry between Mayaguez and Santo Domingo.
  • The best handmade jewellery can be found in Old San Juan.
  • Take advantage of San Juan’s free hop-on, hop-off trolley.
  • The annual Mardi Gras-esque celebrations is the best place to experience an authentic Puerto Rican gala.
  • If you love to shop, trendy, hip clothing stores can be found on Ashford Avenue in Condado.
  • A day trip to the island of Culebra should not be missed.
  • One of the best Caribbean hiking experiences can be enjoyed in El Yunque Forest.
  • If you can leave San Juan behind, you can enjoy a more authentic Puerto Rican experience by exploring the rest of the island.
  • The best art collection in the Caribbean is at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico.

General Puerto Rico Travel Tips

  • Brush up on your Spanish and pack a Spanish phrasebook.
  • Salsa dancing and piña coladas are always recommended during the evenings.
  • Smoking is prohibited in public places, such as hotel common areas, restaurants, and casinos.
  • Most restaurants don’t open until 6 pm for dinner, as Puerto Ricans tend to eat dinner later.
  • Remember that beach attire is only for the beach.
  • Puerto Rico does not keep U.S. daylight saving time.
  • Hiking boots and a rain jacket are highly recommended for your outdoor adventures.
  • Remember to fill your prescriptions before you leave for vacation.
  • All businesses and government offices are closed on U.S. holidays, local holidays and election days.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen and sunglasses.

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