Pelican Point


Along the eastern coast on the island of Montserrat is the beautiful Pelican Point which teems with an impressive array of Frigate birds. This is where Montserrat’s east coast provides a home for the breeding colony for these birds. The lush forested area is popular for its biological diversity as it opens up to the stunning beach. A bird-watchers haven, Pelican Point will delight you with its alluring beauty that stretches for miles. At this location you will get a chance to spot Montserrat’s rare national bird, the Montserrat Oriole.

A paradise on its own, Pelican Point allows you to enjoy a number of electrifying beach and water activities. A natural way to explore and discover Montserrat as you snorkel through the warm waters or relax by the beach. Pelican Point will leave you with memories that are sure to last a lifetime. As the name suggests, this area gives you breathtaking views that allows your imagination to go wild. Along the beach you can expect anything, as the scenic white coral sands let’s you sink your toes in the warmth of its depth.

Pelican Point © by jmenard48

Soak up the lovely tropical sun while you enjoy the views of Pelican Point for as long as you like. If you are a nature buff, you can hike along the Silver Hill and Centre to arrive at the peak. Take an excited hiking tour that takes you through Montserrat forested area which teems with natural beauty and adventure. And for more exploits you can go a bit further to Rendezvous Bay to experience nature the Caribbean way. After you have enjoyed the stunning vistas, spend some along the Rendezvous Bay beach to play in the steamy water of Montserrat.

No matter how you choose to spend your time in Montserrat, be sure to visit Pelican Point for a different realm in Caribbean beauty.