Montserrat Volcano Observatory


Overlooking the Soufriere Hills Volcano and the beautiful valleys below, the Montserrat Volcano Observatory is one of the Caribbean amazing attractions to visit. Settled in Flemmings, Montserrat, this volcano observatory and its helicopter landing pad, allows you to visit this notable structure. The building helps to monitor the volcano as this area of the island is an exclusion hot spot that have seen many volcanic activities since 1995. Spreading from the island’s south coast to the northern tip, the volcanic field stretches to the Belham Valley.

Visit the hard concrete structure of the Montserrat Volcano Observatory which purposely provides a bunker in the case of an eruption. It also offers an educational insight into the life of Montserrat with tours to certain parts of the volcanic area on some days. View the moveable metal windows which provide extra protection in the case of an eruption. Because you are not permitted to explore the capital city of Plymouth, the volcano observatory offers impressive views of the volcano and the surrounding towns.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory © by David Stanley

From the Montserrat Volcano Observatory you can enjoy the views of the Soufriere Hills Volcano while learning about the scientific aspect of the island. Observe pyroclastic flowing down the sides of the domes and you may be lucky to see the domes collapse while the rocks fall during an hour showdown of volcanic activity. Be there to see the seismic recordings of this incredible event as it seduces this eastern Caribbean island.

Volanco from a distance © by MikeSchinkel

You will notice that these eruptions of the Soufriere Hills is complete rare, unlike other volcanoes in the world. View the gooey molten rocks as it flows like anything you have seen. Fumaroles are also seen around the dome as your tour of the Montserrat Volcano Observatory makes you vacation to the island an enlightening trip to the Caribbean.

This stunning Caribbean island has tolerated one of nature’s utmost phenomenons to see. Don’t worry about your safety while on the island a this spectacle will not harm you, as long as you don’t venture off to the exclusion zone by yourself. Interestingly, the island of Montserrat is a great destination to explore the unique settings of one of life’s powerful act of nature, the volcano!