The French island of Martinique is one of the largest of the Windward Islands, although the island is very small, yet a bit hilly, this tends to increase the rainfalls above normal levels of other islands in this group. The weather for Martinique depends on the conditions on the west coasts of the island, which is somewhat protected from the prevailing winds. However, all months receive substantial rains, but the heaviest rainfalls are more likely to occur from July to November, as this is the hurricane season.

Martinique’s location in the center of the Caribbean’s eastern archipelago means it’s at a great location, with favorable temperatures throughout the year. In the winter months, the temperature can reach down to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, while summer months the highs can climb to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. While the low-lying areas of Fort-de-France may be very hot and humid during the summer months, you can take a trip to the mountains and cool down.

While other islands of the Windward Islands experience very dry conditions, this is not noticeable in Martinique, as Martinique’s driest month, has measurable rainfall and average of 13 days out of the month. Meanwhile September is the wettest month, with rains just about every day. However, even in September a spell of rainy days is scarce, and showers are usually light.

Martinique’s weather doesn’t change much year round, so you may consider a vacation in the summer months to see the beautiful blooming flowers, or spend a bit of time in the lovely waters of this island paradise. Although vacationers may choose to stay away from Martinique because of the hurricanes, you should bear in mind that the island is rarely hit by hurricanes. While travelers might choose to visit Martinique for many reasons, its warm temperature year round is sure to bring a smile to every vacationer, and no matter what kind of vacation you’re looking for, Martinique will still offer beautiful beaches, warm sands and sunny skies.

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