Martinique is a French Caribbean island in the eastern Caribbean Sea that is an overseas territory of France. It is situated northwest of Dominica and south of St. Lucia. Being a part of France, Martinique is part of the European Union, and its currency is the Euros. Martinique is also known as the Isle of Flowers.

Martinique is a magical island that promotes romance due to its many exotic plants, flowers and fauna. Martinique was once the heart of the French Antilles which boasts lots of French culture and history. Although, the country is under French rule it has a multiethnic population.

While visiting the country you will see many ruins and other historical sites that showcase the prosperity of Martinique legacy. Martinicians are what the locals are called; they welcome you with open arms to their lovely island, where you can enjoy lots of festivities that start from the weekend to feast days, carnival and sail boat races.

On the south of the island is a surplus of white sandy beaches with many secluded lagoons to enjoy. Go diving and explore the azure and colorful waters, travel around the rainforest, sail on the speedy yoke, or just venture through the canyons of Martinique. While in the north you can enjoy the exceptional and lush setting of black beaches.
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Martinique is loaded with entertainment where you will experience creole oriented performances such as, dances and singing. While night life brings you much excitement and glamor, the atmosphere is filled with a wide genre of local and international music.

Take a trip to one of the many superb gardens of Martinique where two third of the island is classified as natural and sheltered. The area known as Savane des Petrifications is an ideal way to see the countryside of the south. Other places of interest are the Mount Pelle, the Dubuc Castle or the Sea Gardens, for you to discover.

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