Night life


Nightlife in Martinique An enlightening and divine island that is uniquely placed among the Caribbean islands, the minute you arrive you will experience an energetic culture and nightlife. Martinique is a wonderful island that has plenty of architectural attractions blended with spectacular natural beauty. Amidst the beauty of the island are plenty entertainment and nightlife for you to enjoy.

Nightclubs are found in some places than others, but are very expensive, the piano bars and theater cafes is where you can listen to a variety of music. Most of the resorts offer a Caribbean-style setting for entertainment, to include limbo dancers and steel bands.

If your desire a more cultural entertainment deal, the Ballet Martiniquais is one of the most celebrated ballet companies of the world; they adorn themselves in very colourful local outfits and dance to the beats of traditional island rhythms.

Each year in July there is two weeks of arts festival in the Fort-de-France area, which features local and foreign artists performing plays and dances to enjoy. The Le Zanzibar is a very famous night club to visit and enjoy the music while sipping on your favourite drink. To experience a more laid-back ambience visit the St. James Jazz Club, you will be feted with the soothing sounds of jazz and blues.

Take pleasure in the star-filled skies as you enjoy a night of cruising on the waterfront. Large luxury hotels and resorts also provide plenty entertaining options to suit any visitor. Featuring lively bands and amazing dancing performances, these hotels also offers dinner shows of rewarding pleasures.

Most of the hotels have bars; which sometimes provide a different theme to Martinique Nightlife activity. Even though the night spots offer live entertainment it is essential for you to be entertained during your stay, so before you book you trip find out the entertainment schedule for the time period when you will be visiting.

If your perfect vacation includes partying in lots of different nightclubs, you might have a bit of difficulty finding what you want since Martinique is known for its calm natural beauty and not its nightclub scene. Nevertheless, if you find the right place to stay, you should have some good choices for enjoying your evenings in Martinique.