Yoles Race


Yoles Race Martinique has a very rich surroundings of beautiful waters. The island has been marked by multiple influences and cultural mixing; its eventful past is evidenced by its architecture, historical monuments and museums. During the year, there are many events where you can take part in exciting traditions and experience the warmth, creativeness and hospitality of the local people. One of the most exciting events in the calendar year for Martinique is the thrilling Yoles Race.

This race takes place at the beginning of August, where the Annual Tour de Martinique des Yoles Rondes begins, and celebration of parties and good fun starts. This regatta race has a long history and tradition of unique types of yawls, and the boat's long hull heels under a huge rectangular sail while the men scrambled to balance it. The Yoles Races is a race that runs around the entire island of Martinque to the delight of the spectators. As the teams sail counterclockwise around the island, finishing each leg in a different community, thousands of spectators gather on water and land, while the Caribbean beats plays.

The races are a week-long competition that celebrates the unique type of yawls known as yoles-rondes that have been developed to perfection for sailing the waters around Martinique for the past hundreds of years. These smooth, wind driven boats are powered by vibrantly colored sails and manned by crews who display strength, incredible teamwork and skill, which keeps them going at highest speed. In addition to the racing on the water, every stop along the way there is a town that plays host to pier parties that welcome you with music, dancing, food, and lots of the local rum.

A trip to the Tour de Martinique des Yoles Rondes offers you an opportunity to see an exceptional, daring style of boat racing, while enjoying the mouth-watering cuisine of Creole, French and Caribbean and the unforgettable rum of Martinique. One of the most exciting and festive events of the year, the Yoles Race is not to be missed when you visit the island of Martinique.