The Museums


Martinique Museums Martinique’s surplus of white sandy beaches, secluded lagoons with coral reef barriers will amaze you the minute you land in this jewel of the Caribbean. Martinique is an island full of creative history, and a large number of museums. The most popular museums in Martinique to visit are the Paul Gauguin Museum, the Butterflies’ Garden, the Old Fashion Toys, the History and Sea Gallery, and the Anse Latouche Habitation.

With more than ten museums on the island to explore, Martinique Museums each have a unique way of celebrating its own art, history, into Martinique’s way of life. Very proud of its range of fabulous museums, Martinique provides a distinctive way of displaying their buildings.

Scattered all over the island exhibiting captivating displays, artifacts and exceptional tales Martinique’s history; these museums are purposely small in size. Very accessible and easy to get around, here are some of the main ones to visit:
The Paul Gauguin Museum that exhibits book and art work of his life’s work, although Paul Gauguin only lived in Martinique for six months, his works are well known to paint the women of the island.

The Museum of Rhum features the archives of both the island’s history and rum production, samples of rum is given at the end of each tour to all travelers.

The Musée de la Banane showcases the wonderful fruit of banana, such as how it is picked, to how to packaging is done, even how to make perfume from it. But the most exciting attraction of the museum is its working plantation where you can tour, pick and taste the fruit of the groves.

Going to a museum while vacationing on the island may seem dull and boring, but in Martinique the museums are attractively different, with some of the most usual building designs, you will be intrigued at what’s inside.

The island of Martinique takes pride in their rich heritage, so the next time you visit the island explore any of their wonderful museums and get an insight to the island’s fantastic life.