Paul Gauguin Museum


Paul Gauguin Museum Martinique Martinique’s rich and vibrant heritage takes you to the wonderful Paul Gauguin Museum. Located near the Anse Turin area, the Paul Gauguin Museum was once the rented home of the Frenchman. A small house that brings you in line with the unique history of Martinique, the Paul Gauguin Museum takes you through the passage of French and Caribbean flair.

Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin was born June 7, 1848 and he died May 8, 1903. But during his colorful years, Paul Gauguin was the leading French Post-Impressionist artist of his time. He was a great painter, sculptor, print-maker, ceramist, and writer; as he would boldly try out different colorings, which leads to fabulous styles of modern art.

Rich in relics from the past, Paul Gauguin Museum allows you to plunge into years of Creole costumes. Visit the museum while in Martinique and view the many displays of paintings, art and craft of old houses and buildings of Fort-de-France. The Paul Gauguin Museum also provides you with a glimpse into Martinique’s past, its way of life and art.

Each telling a distinctively different story, walk around the small museum and enjoy the enlightening experience of the island. Paul Gauguin Museum is marked by multiple influences and cultural mixes view the paintings or sculptured carefully to see the creative efforts placed in creating each of these masterpieces.

Don’t be surprised by Paul Gauguin pieces of women exposing their breast as this is one of the many symbols of the painter. You will also enjoy the vibrant traditions and experience the warmth, creativity and hospitality of the local people as you are guided through the displays at the museum. After the tour you can visit any of the island’s colorful and cheerful events; such as the Yole Races or the Gommier fishing boats tournaments.

Experience the unforgettable side of Martinique and explore the wonders at Paul Gauguin Museum, where there is always a good reason to smile at the amazing displays of exceptional traditions in Martinique.