Maison de la Coiffe et du Costume Créoles


Maison de la Coiffe et du Costume Créoles Martinique is a Caribbean country that is rich in its history, culture and most of all their museums. With a beautiful array of art work and fashionable themes from African and French cultures; Martinique proudly displays stunning masterpieces to create the most captivating stories.

Martinique is one of the few Caribbean islands that are an overseas department of France. Gorgeous flora and fauna can be seen at every turn, as this wonderful island exhibits the most welcoming ambiance. Being full of so much artistic history, fun and excitement a large number of museums in Martinique are adorn with valuable information about the island’s unique cultures.

One of the most popular museum to visit is the Maison de la Coiffe et du Costume Créoles. Situated in the city of La Trinite, near to the beach, Maison de la Coiffe et du Costume Créoles provides a fascinating attraction to explore. Displaying Martinique’s way of life, this museum exhibits lovely traditional headwear to unique dolls.

Maison de la Coiffe et du Costume Créoles tell the tales of the creative women as they weave, sew or put together unique pieces to create amazing headwear and cute dolls. Celebrating art in its own way, Martinique colorful dresses and beautiful dolls gives each visitor to the island an intriguing story of Martinique’s history, culture and great attractions.

Maison de la Coiffe et du Costume Créoles also displays Creole jewelry, bamboo objects, wood sculptures, baskets, pottery and Creole dolls dressed in madras. A few hand-crafted souvenirs can be found in the gift shop to purchase. Beyond the traditional craftwork and rich character of Maison de la Coiffe et du Costume Créoles, most of the displays are exclusive to the island only as many of the creations color, shapes and sizes, shows how original the Martinique people are.

Martinique is proud of its folklore, music and local crafts, do enjoy a visit to Maison de la Coiffe et du Costume Créoles and see how dolls are made. Not only are the dolls beautifully dressed, but are attired in Creole traditional dress and headdress, woven baskets, with flowers, rum and liqueurs.

There are more than a dozen museums in Martinique to explore, with each displaying a different distinctive flair. Take a break from the sun, sea and sand, and discover why the museums of Martinique are purposely small and easily tour. It will only take a few minutes, as visitors learn more about Martinique, leaving satisfied and enriched.

Fall in love with the ambiance of breathtaking Martinique and be amazed by the Maison de la Coiffe et du Costume Créoles displays. Instantly you will feel relaxed in a wonderful place in the island.