Leyritz Plantation


Leyritz PlantationLeyritz Plantation is nestled on beautiful 8-acres of rare tropical species. In 1970 it was renovated and changed into a hotel restaurant. La Plantation Leyritz is situated in a flourishing park in northern Martinique, at the foothills of Mount Pelee. The stunning landscape with bananas and pineapple groves welcomes you to enjoy a small rural town known as Basse-Pointe as it faces the Atlantic Ocean.

This former 17th century agricultural estate is set within a tropical park, while boasting rooms and bungalows furnished with traditional cane and antique furniture. You can relax around the swimming pool, or explore the tropical gardens; while the kid’s play at the playground. This unique themed hotel offers you shopping and entertainment venues as well as a wonderful beach to explore.

Leyritz Plantation comprises of 56 accommodation option that spreads across the spread the most varied of tropical vegetable essences. With its exotic plants and fruits, the grounds offer you a relaxing oasis to take a stroll. A remarkable plantation estate that creates a wonderful mix of history and tropical plant life, you will enjoy the sight as you walk through the park that provides a spiritual pleasure.

Among the pristine surroundings, Leyritz Plantation is the perfect place to stay as you discover the wonders of north Martinique. From the distilleries at Saint Marie to the banana museum, rivers, waterfalls, rainforests and the active volcano, you can enjoy all the amazing attractions around Leyritz Plantation. Bask in the village at Mornes des Esses or explore the Hindu Temple at Port de Pêche.

Taste the flavors of the island and sample delicious meals made from cassava flour or taste syrup from the nearby village of Lorrain. Leyritz Plantation has two places to enjoy a tropical setting, while being served tasty Creole and French cuisines. Le Ruisseau and Le Flavéola Bar is where you can discover a tropical haven among unique surrounds.

Depending on the season you visit, Leyritz Plantation also provides amazing shows with Creole events and parades in traditional costumes, dances for you to enjoy.