Les Ombrages


Les Ombrages Take a captivating jungle walk that leads to the stunning Les Ombrages Park. Les Ombrages is a botanical garden situated at the site of an old rum distillery. Take a short stop to explore the refreshing trails of bamboo, tall trees with bolstered roots, torch gingers, as the ruins of an old mill beckons you to discover more.

Les Ombrages Park offers you a nature tour filled with amazing hiking trails and a gorgeous botanical garden to enjoy northern Martinique. Situated on seven acres of beautiful landscapes, Les Ombrages varied attractions take you on a two mile trail deep into the forest of Mount Pelee.

Discover Les Ombrages as it spans along the Rosalie River, which runs to the bottom of one of the many ravines. Nevertheless, Les Ombrages nature comes into its own, as you follow the Ombrages trail along the river to see the many exotic flowers, canna plants, tree ferns, and delicate carpets of moss blooming under a tropical paradise.

Hike through any of the amazing trails; explore the Creole Garden, the Caribbean Garden, the Heliconia Garden, and the Calabash Garden, with their spectacular collections of ornamental plants and trees. Also along this trails are the magnificent indigenous species which take center stage as they lure you more floral beauty of Martinique.

The surroundings of Les Ombrages not only delightful to the eye, but the sound of the singing birds pierces the ears with lovely tunes. As the tunes come together in natural harmony you are taken a bit further to the cliffs of refreshing streams. These streams provide a relaxing place to swim in the cool waters, while the crunching bamboo speaks of the rich history of Les Ombrages Park.

Explore nature, beauty and amazing flora and fauna and make the natural ambiance of Les Ombrages delight you with its unforgettable character on the French Caribbean isle.