Le Torgiléo


Le Torgiléo Le Torgiléo is a hillside building that shape’s like a boat that was built in 1948. Today, Le Torgiléo serves as a hotel and a restaurant, as the remarkable settings revolves around luxury and refinement. Le Torgiléo’s attraction invites you and your family can enjoy the authentic and warm ambiance of Bellefontaine.

The perfect place for romantic dinners or family gathering, Le Torgiléo menus offers you the opportunity to discover local specialties. Relax in the steel home-style hotel and restaurant of Caribbean architecture. The impressions of magnificent and the elegance of this Creole based building shows the metal components of Marquise valances, a gallery of beautiful layouts supported by an excellent handrail. The hotel reflects the history of a large sugar plantation, with influences of modern day architecture.

Although Le Torgiléo was built in the late 40’s, it is a stunning Bellefontaine landmark as the beauty and benefits of this hotel and restaurant combination provides you with the tropical habitat of it beautiful surroundings. Stay for a few days at Le Torgiléo and enjoy the amenities and the fabulous views overlooking the beach. Watch the sunrise or set while the mornings and evenings burst with pleasant backdrops.

Besides the comforts of amazing settings, Le Torgiléo layers of gardens and terraces to the upper floor is haven for relaxing as the cool Caribbean breeze offers an incredible experience. When you dine at the restaurant you will find out why the cuisines are so mouth-watering, as it melts in your mouth while the fascinating atmosphere provides an inspiring pleasure for the eyes.

The styles and services of Le Torgiléo also allow you to enjoy the tropical surroundings, while catering to your every need. Le Torgiléo is the perfect place to stay while in Bellefontaine, as the pleasurable atmosphere of the hotel and restaurant provides the perfect touch of true Martinique attraction.