Le Prêcheur


Le PrêcheurBeautifully situated in Saint-Pierre, Le Prêcheur and its beaches offer you the best of northern Martinique with its splendor. The town of Le Prêcheur is surrounded by many black sandy beaches and was the first area to be occupied in Martinique. Its name comes from a rock that forms a preacher, as it is the starting point for many tours amonsg the luxuriant dense nature.

This charming village on the northern Caribbean coast is surrounded by volcanic hot springs for you to enjoy. Françoise d'Aubigné, who later became the Marquise de Maintenon, donated a beautiful bronze bell, which hangs outside the church. As the Tomb of the Carib Indians perched on the limestone cliffs, reminds you of the island history.

In northern Le Prêcheur you can explore the ruins of an old sugar refinery of the 17th century with its park of trees. Meet old green anoles, while the hummingbirds or red partridges sing you a lovely tune. Along the black sandy beach, you can see all the houses with different colors and shapes, harmonizing peacefully with time the leisurely coconut palms offer you a shady spot to enjoy the scenes.

Le Prêcheur is the sunniest town in Martinique, while being the most picturesque of the island. Le Prêcheur is not a town that you only go through, but a town to visit with a curious unusual spirit. You can also discover many untamed coves between Prêcheur and Grand-Rivière. Hike to Grand Savane and touch the sky in mountain Pelée heights as you enjoy the beautiful scenery.

There is also a waterfall which makes you feel that you are in paradise, as its exotic fascination of tropical gardens and sandy Caribbean beaches, tempts you to explore. Enjoy the island of Martinique and on your next trip to the Caribbean, visit Le Prêcheur and enjoy all of nature’s beauty by the shore.