Latouche’s Creek Garden


Latouche’s Creek GardenA gorgeous garden that is filled with lush beauty and nearly 200 species of exotic flowers, plants and trees, is known as Latouche’s Creek Garden. Situated in Le Carbet northern Martinique, Latouche’s Creek Garden lure you to its magnificent views from the garden's high hillside location. Enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Pitons du Carbet, as these six cone-shaped peaks provide the ideal backdrop for an exciting adventure.

The blooming beauties of Latouche’s Creek Garden include flowers such as bird of paradise, lobster claw, African tulip, hibiscus, angel's trumpet and water lily and trees such as banana, mango, guava, coconut, date and traveller's palms that offer you a glimpse into the garden’s tropical oasis. The shaded benches beckon you to take a seat while admiring the peaceful views of unspoilt nature.

Settled on the former site of an old sugar factory, Latouche’s Creek Garden is where you can explore the some of the ruins that serves as the main attraction to the garden. A wonderful place to relax and unwind in diverse flora, the Latouche’s Creek Garden is a haven with harmonious combination of contrasts, light, shapes and colors. Open every day from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, you can enjoy different areas of the garden as you reconnect with nature.

Latouche’s Creek Garden is also where you can enjoy the butterflies' garden. Relax and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature as the butterflies' tries to restore the landscape. This garden is a true natural ambiance that is worth your visit. After exploring the beauty of Latouche’s Creek Garden, enjoy the evening as the locals display their talents with music, plays and dances. A fabulous restaurant is located nearby, offering delicious Creole and French cuisine.

Discover Martinique’s unique variety of plants, trees and flowers, while following the nature trails through the heart of a tropical paradise.