La Caravelle Nature Trail and Château Dubuc Ruins


La Caravelle Nature Trail and Château Dubuc Ruins, Martinique Enjoy the beautiful French island of Martinique and wander through the La Caravelle Nature Trail and Château Dubuc Ruins. Martinique attractions and island flavor makes it a haven for visitors to enjoy the wonderful landscapes of pristine beauty.

From the mountainous northern areas down to the spectacular south coast, the plantations, museums, scenic towns and cities, not to mention the natural regions all play a vital part in Martinique unique appeal. Adventures holds no abound on the island, as the captivating attractions await your visit.

Uniquely placed within the island, Martinique attractions are varied and enchanting. Offering a glimpse into French and African history, visitors will find an interesting range of stimulating activities to and see. Stroll through the cities and towns to view the stunning beaches beyond while the beautiful back drop of cultural celebrations takes charge.

Attracting visitors from all over the world, the La Caravelle Nature Trail and Château Dubuc Ruins is situated on the eastern tip of the island. The ruins of Château Dubuc were once the home to the earliest settlers on Martinique. Laying on the eastern cape of La Caravelle this area holds the oldest settlement in all of Martinique.

Take a few minutes to explore the ruins and the beautiful views over the rugged coastline. Château Dubuc Ruins is located in La Trinite and is a 17th century chateau’s ruins that belonged to the enormously rich Dubuc de Rivery. Situated in the centre of the natural reserve, the site of the chateau Dubuc is a great experience for an amusing walk.

The ruins of Chateau Dubuc or old French castle, sit on a slope that overlooks a lovely bay. This old century castle was in disrepair for a long time, until in 1974, the Regional Nature Park tool over the ruins and carefully preserved what was left of it. Visitors can now visit the site and have a guided tour with the history being told along the way. There is also a small museum at the site that displays relics from Martinique’s earlier period. Chateau Dubuc is open to visitors each day from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Walk to the entrance of the La Caravelle Nature Trail which is located among a mangrove forest. The trail will take about an hour to fully explore a wide collection flora, fauna and wildlife. After the nature trail skip down to the lovely Tartane Beach and enjoy sunbathing or swimming.

Martinique is a wonderful island in the Caribbean to visit. Boasting beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, and plenty of exciting activities to do and see; make your next trip to the Caribbean to the island of Martinique and enjoy the magic of its French and Creole happenings.