Gorges de la Falaise


Discover the lovely Gorges de la Falaise, popularly known as the Cliffs of Gorge. Situated in the beautiful town of Ajoupa-Bouillon, Gorges de la Falaise is an attractive set of gorges that leads to an amazingly cool waterfall. Grab your shoes and bathing suit for a spectacular adventure amidst the tropical forest and pristine surroundings.

Gorges de la Falaise is an exotic place to explore. The large cliffs provide a haven for you to enjoy the gushes of cool waters flowing down the ravine. Featuring an impressive collection in the middle of the rainforest, Gorges de La Falaise is quite beautiful among the tropical greenery.

Follow the paths of the narrow river cliffs and unto the ravine at the bottom. While there the channels are wide enough for you to move about freely, as the flows of waters come together to form a bubbly pool of excitement. Explore the gorges bit by bit as the magnificent waterfalls and clear swimming pools offer the perfect spot to relax.

Go a bit further as the gorge takes you to the deep and narrow channels of about 100 meters of amazing water gorges. The hike is rather refreshing as you as able to take dips along the way. Swim in a natural pool while the water reaches up to your waist. If you are very adventurous climb the rocks, then plunge into the water below.

After such an exciting trip just relax and let the rushing waters flow over your body. This will rejuvenate the senses and entice you to redo the adventures again. From the moment you view the Gorge de la Falaise the pleasant scene will tempt you to enjoy all its attractions, as the walk takes about an hour to complete.

For those less daring, but swift enough to take this tour, you will leave with an invigorating spirit of a day with great memories.