Fort de France


Fort De France Martinique is an island of many mixed cultures and as a result many of its historical buildings are a sight to see, especially in the city of Fort de France. The brightly colored building amazes you as you explore the town. Unbelievable scenery of exciting happenings, Fort de France is the largest town in Martinique and the organizational center of Martinique, which reminds you of a cross between New Orleans and the French Riviera. Its spectacular waterfront amazes you and instantly makes you fall in love with it, while the markets is a fantastic place to visit for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fort-de-France is a very French city with narrow balconies streets overflowing with flowers giving the city its appeal. The La Savane is a park that is situated in the heart of the city, and along the edges of the park you find sellers with refreshments to keep you happy. From here the ferries will take you to Pointe du Bout where you find superb beaches to swim in or just relax.

On the east side of this beautiful city is the Fort St. Louis Park, which is home to many of the national statues. Other sights and landmarks to explore are the Schoelcher Library which is named after a local hero who fought for the abolition of slavery, or the Musee Departmental de Martinique which exhibits many pre-Colombian artifacts.

Just north of the city are nicely placed fishing villages that tempt you to buy the catch of the day. Ventures a bit further and explore the area known as Case Pilote which holds the island’s oldest church, while at the Carbet area is where Columbus first set foot ashore the island.

Other sites of significance in this breathtaking city are the Fort de France Cathedral, the botanical gardens, Place de la Savane, or an imitation of the Parisian Montmartre called Sacré-Cœur de Balata Church. Fort de France is bordered by a large bay and rolling green hills and is a must visit while in this beautiful island of African and French heritage.

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