Bellefontaine Settled on the northern tip of the beautiful Martinique is the attractive community of Bellefontaine. A peaceful fishing village tucked between the cliffs and the Caribbean Sea, Bellefontaine a small town with stunning beaches and spectacular scenery. Separated from Case-Pilote in 1950, the Bellefontaine area is the last town of the sector that was named after the landowner, who dominated the cliff hanging town during the 17th century.

Despite its name, Bellefontaine does not possess a fountain, but instead a wealth of ruins, monuments and churches that are just waiting for you to explore. Other attractions can be found in the town are the amazing landscape that will remind you of France. When you visit the town you will be able to view the displays of the creative works of the craftsmen and artists who are exhibiting their talents. If you chose to, you can see how these unique works are created.

Bellefontaine is home to the great Laillet Fund River. At the Laillet Fund River you will see fishermen going about their daily lives. As the sun rises on the horizon, watch in earnest as they into the sea for their catches. Some will even offer to take you on a boat ride with them if you are up for the adventure.

There is always an opportunity for you to have a pleasant walk through the town where the sights of beautiful flowers and the scents of the fresh air will relax your mind. When it’s time to eat you can visit any of the wonderful restaurants where you can awake your taste buds with a delicious cuisine. Since the area is known for its fishing there will be a wide variety of seafood dishes for you to choose from.

You will also have the opportunity to stay in one of Bellefontaine’s adorable guesthouses or vacation rentals, where you will have the perfect chance to enjoy the authentic ambiance of this laid-back town in Martinique.