Ajoupa-Bouillon Looking for a little adventure? The Enchanted Flower Island of Martinique will let you explore a charming little town known as L’Ajoupa-Bouillon. Ajoupa-Bouillon is an attractive little farming town nestled on the slopes of Mount Pelee in northern Martinique. Famous for its spectacular scenery, fabulous hiking trails and delicious crayfish menus, Ajoupa-Bouillon is a must visit while in Martinique.

L’Ajoupa-Bouillon overlooks the coastal road that connects the Atlantic Ocean to Morne Rouge. Although the village is situated on a hill, the wonderful landscapes allow you to taste the sweet exotic fruits of its soil. The thrilling nature holds no abounds in L’Ajoupa-Bouillon and when you visit you can explore as much as you want including the Ajoupa Gardens, with its great variety of plants and flowers.

Take a stroll along the Gorges De La Falaise from the town centre, to view the fascinating range of tropical trees. Wander off to the Gorges De La Falaise, which is a group of small gorges along the Falaise Rives that leads to a beautiful waterfall. There you can take a swim in the refreshing water as the surrounding tropical forest, halts to your viewing.

Another amazing attraction to explore while in Ajoupa-Bouillon is the Les Ambrages. This area offers a wonderful maze of botanical trails along the ravine and ruins of a rum distillery. The large shady trees provide you with cool spots to take a breather, as the beautiful surroundings comfort you with beauty.

After exploring Ajoupa-Bouillon’s beauty, venture a few miles out of the town where many opportunities for hiking, as the trail takes you to the Hood River, or The Shadows magnificent botanical trail at the bottom of a gorge. While in town you must sample the delicious taste of crawfish dishes. The delectable restaurants in town will offer you the popular dish of mouth-watering treats.

L’Ajoupa-Bouillon is small but gorgeous to visit, take the off-beaten path to this lovely town in Martinique and enjoy staying in a homely accommodation, while you stay in tune with nature.