hotels in martinique Martinique is known for its beautiful people and landscape. Martinique is a part of France overseas department, and has become a French venue, with lots of marvelous museums, a collection of artifacts, wonderful seascapes in tropical settings for you to see and enjoy. Little Paris as it is affectionately called provides a fabulous views of the town of St Pierre, which is one of the prettiest and busiest city in the Caribbean.

There are wonderful customs in this island, such as the tying of special knots in beautiful Martinican women head coverings, luxury hotels, villas and extraordinary guesthouses. Martinique’s capital city of Fort-de-France is the most attractive and sophisticated areas of beaches, fabulous landmarks and adorable views of the Bay of Naples.

There are many types of hotel accommodations in Martinique, such as bed and breakfast, villas, all-inclusive hotels, apartments and private home facilities. Martinique has a host of accommodations to suit every budget and personal needs. And no matter where you choose to stay, you’ll always be near the wonderful beaches. If you’re looking for a quiet and secluded hideaway, or an exciting resort, you will find it in Martinique.