Martinique Rums


Martinique Rums The rums of Martinique are one of its remarkable natural attractions that will captivate and amaze your senses. Located in the eastern Caribbean, Martinique unique cultural heritage provides you with African and French cultures with the exotic and colorful flavor of the Caribbean.

Other than the beautiful sandy beaches, Martinique is also famous for their nicely flavoured rums. Martinique rums are considered to be among the best in this world, due to the fertile soils, the perfect climate and excellent production techniques. Also rewarding is that some of Martinique’s rums have been awarded with the celebrated French label.

Martinique’s rum is more than a tasty drink, its helps to create some of the most mouth-watering dishes and juice blends. Because of its many uses, Martinique Rhum is a traditional attraction of the island, as you will be able to savor the delightful flavor of the different varieties available.

If you are a fanatic for rums then the cognac or the armagnac are the best to taste. These are some of the many types of rum available for your tasting in Martinique. The white rum is mainly used in Martinique’s famous and refreshing ti-punch that reveals all the flavors of freshly cut sugar cane with a mixture of spring water.

There are three main ways to preserve Martinique Rhums, aged rums are uniquely preserved in oak barrels for more than three years and give a distinctive flavor of oak. While the straw rum is placed in oak flask for up to 18 months and gives the oak colour look. The amber rum is a blend of the aged and straw rum, with a strong rum flavor. With all of these types of flavor you can take a bottle home to use in your favorite cocktails, pastries and other delicacies.

While in Martinique you can visit any of their wonderful distilleries, at the Sainte Marie distillery you will find a museum for rums. To the east of the island is the Le François distillery that offers tours of its charming 18th-century structure and boasts a fine contemporary museum as well.

The Maison de la Canne museum exhibits the links between the land, sugar cane and people. Do enjoy touring Martinique Rhum attractions and taste savor the taste of this beautiful French island.

On your next trip to Martinique, make sure you get a taste of their blends of rums and see why the locals are so lively all the time.