Jamaica enjoys a tropical climate all year round. On average the temperature is around 28°C with the months of July and August being the hottest. The Island experiences a hot and humid weather at sea level. Normally, it is cooler in the inner highlands with temperatures dropping below 10°C. The coolest period in Jamaica is from December to February. If you are visiting the mountain region of the country like Clarendon or Manchester it is advisable for you to walk with a jacket, especially during the cool period or winter months as temperatures can reach 4°C.

During the months of May through to November the island will experience its wet weather, which is in the form of quick showers. Since Jamaica sits on the hurricane belt, the country has its hurricane period, which is between the months of June and November. The country will get one or two warning each year, although most will miss the island. During the months of September and October Jamaica will experience more steadier rainfall all across the island as this is the wettest period for the country.

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