Ports of Call Jamaica


From England to Spain to the United States to the Caribbean, you can travel to a variety of unbelievable destinations on a cruise. And if your cruise takes you to Jamaica, you will have several ports-of-call that are sure to satisfy the mind and senses of every traveler. Jamaica is a popular destination and on the cruise roster, the popularity remains the same for several passenger liners. The country is also quite popular for private yachters as well.

For travelers visiting the island by sea, Jamaica currently has three main ports of call that are in operation. These are the Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal, Montego Bay Freeport and the Port of Falmouth. The Montego Bay and Ocho Rios ports are the two most popular of the Jamaican ports. However, all port has a variety of things to do as well as similar, shore excursions that will allow you to experience the real Jamaica.
Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal

Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal

Located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica near Dunn’s River Falls, the Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal is the most popular port for cruise ships docking on the island. The port has an area that is big enough for three ships to dock, while larger ships that cannot be accommodated at the port normally use the industrial pier. If your cruise ship is making a stop at the Ocho Rios port, you will be in for a real treat, as when you dock the port will provide a gateway for you to enjoy a little sightseeing, shopping and a bit of the Jamaican culture. This means you will get to explore attractions like Dunns River Falls, Prospect Plantation and the beautiful beaches. The Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal will also offer you the chance to enjoy a little shopping and dining, as some of the finest shops and restaurants are within easy walking distance of the terminal.

Montego Bay Freeport Terminal

Montego Bay Freeport Terminal is a modern dock that is located about 3 miles west of downtown Montego Bay. This terminal has been recently expanded and can dock up to 4 ships; however, it has two berths, which are dedicated exclusively for cruise ships. When you dock at this terminal, you will find a tourist-information booth, a telecommunications center that offers phone, Internet and fax service and many duty-free shops. If you want to visit the city of Montego Bay, you will have access to a terminal building which offers transportation that is supervised by the Jamaica Tourist Board.
historic port of falmouth

Historic Port of Falmouth

The quaint town of Falmouth is where you will find Jamaica’s newest port of call, the Historic Port of Falmouth. This cruise ship terminal’s berths can accommodate the largest cruise ship and due to its unique location travelers docking at this terminal will be at the gateway to the best Jamaica has to offer. As you will get to explore and experience the town’s 19th-century Georgian architecture, crafts shops, restaurants, bars and local charm. You will also get to experience the north coast of Jamaica, as Ocho Rios will be to your east and Montego Bay to your west.

Errol Flynn Marina

Cruise passengers visiting the eastern section of Jamaica are accommodated at the Errol Flynn Marina, formerly the Ken Wright Pier. This port caters mainly to high-end medium-sized cruise passenger ships, and yachts, and it is a more off-the-beaten terminal than the other ports in the country. The Errol Flynn Marina is home to the Cruise Ship Pier, the Marine Police, Coast Guard Station, and a customs office. As a traveler at this port, you will enjoy facilities and amenities, including a pub, beach, internet access, diving bay, ice-cream shop, grill, and boutiques.
Errol Flynn Marina
In addition to these, yachters visiting Jamaica will also have the old school style sailing club the Montego Bay Yacht Club for those visiting the western section of the island, the Royal Jamaican Yacht Club in Port Royal for those visiting Kingston and the Ocho Rios Marina in St. Ann.

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