Jamaica is one of the most colorful and the third largest Caribbean island. Located in the Caribbean about 90 miles south of Cuba, Jamaica is full of beautiful white sandy beaches and vivacious tropical blossoms perching behind a backdrop of magnificent blue mountains. The island of Jamaica doesn’t quite blend in well with the other Caribbean islands, although it has the same beautiful white and golden beaches, warm sun, and luxurious resort-life as most other islands. It is different historically and culturally. Jamaicans are the true definition of enthusiasm and while the island is famous for its reggae music, tropical beauty, and cuisine, you will discover that your interactions with the Jamaicans are what you really remember from your trip.

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Take a trip along the coast or inland to find ‘the real Jamaica’, among bubbling street markets of ackee, rum, yam and breadfruit. As the true home of the Rastafarian, Jamaica is rich in culture and has a solid global presence. Jamaica is also the birthplace of Bob Marley and reggae and dancehall music is the country’s musical core. Jamaica is rich in natural beauty, and visitors always try to make it their home away from home. With its direct air connections to several cities in the United Kingdom and the United States, the island is favored by many for taking short trips to the Caribbean.

The island boasts excellent tourist facilities and a wide array of attractions ranging from green leafy parks to generous colonial towns. Jamaica is also the setting for many of Ian Flemming’s James Bond Novels, including “The Man with the Golden Gun”, “Live and Let Die,” “For Your Eyes Only” and “Octopussy.”  The island has many resort towns and a vibrant nightlife. Explore the neon life of Negril the former hippie oasis or visit the lovely shopper’s paradise and party town of Montego Bay or Mo’bay, which is another one of Jamaica’s main coastal resort towns. Take a trip to the cruise port and luxuriant Ocho Rios or “Ochi” which is a favored honeymoon destination due to its tropical beauty and countless couples’ resorts. Or stay at one of the quaint fishing villages like Oracabessa, Treasure Beach or Port Antonio, which will give you a glance of Jamaica’s more peaceful side.
Jamaica attractions

The capital Kingston is the largest English speaking metropolis in the western hemisphere and is a real contrast to the coastal destinations. Kingston is mainly visited by travelers on business or by persons who wish to know about Jamaica’s cultural side, which can’t really be ignored. Jamaica is also filled with many lively clubs, fine restaurants and world-class golf courses.

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