YS Falls


YS FallsTake a scenic ride to the beautiful farming parish of St. Elizabeth and explore the wonders of YS Falls.  Situated within a secluded valley on Jamaica’s south coast, YS Falls is a working estate that allows you to enjoy the natural scenes and beauty of the island rustic countryside. YS Falls dates back to the 17th century, when explorers like you seek to find amazing hidden treasures of the island to enjoy. A paradise by itself, the falls calmly coexists in a well-preserved ecosystem just 50 miles east of Negril.

Offering a distinctive appeal from other waterfalls in Jamaica, YS Falls is the perfect hideaway for total relaxation and fun. YS Falls got its name from the first two owners who were named John Yates and Colonel Richard Scott. By combining the initials of their surnames, the name YS Estate was formed. Its quiet countryside location allows you to enjoy the surroundings, away from the usual resort life. Experience the beauty of the waterfalls while the surrounding lush gardens and magnificent trees offer an oasis to bask in the settings of pure delight.

Once you arrive at YS Falls you will enjoy a tractor-pulled jitney ride which will take you to the waterfalls. During the ride you will pass through the estate’s lovely landscapes until you reach the spectacle of natural beauty. YS Falls has seven waterfalls which cascades into natural pools. Some areas are quite rocky and do not allow swimming. However, the natural pools lead you to incredible springs, where you and your family can enjoy exploring the refreshing waters.

The falls is about 120-feet tall as the invigorating waters gushes over the different levels of rocks formation. If you do not wish to get wet, you can climb the steps at the side of the falls that provides a fabulous view of the falls without getting wet. But for a more interactive experience, take a guided tour of the underground pools which is fed by natural springs, where you can swim in the cool waters. Enjoy swinging on a rope then diving into the pools of great excitement.

While at YS Falls there are other attractions to partake in, these include going on an exciting canopy ride, which glides from the top of the falls to its base. Enjoy river tubing, as the adventures take you to thrilling spots while the serenity of the surroundings stands still with its beauty that towers overhead. Visit YS Falls while on your island tour and stop at the on-site gift shop while the kids play at the playground.