Twin Sister Caves


Twin Sisters CavesJust 14 miles from the bustling Kingston city lies on a beautiful hillside attraction known as Twin Sisters Cave. Situated in the sun-kissed parish of St. Catherine, the Twin Sister Caves got its name from the unique structure of being two similar caves standing next to each other. This twin cave system is about 200,000 years old as it provides an interesting peek into the cave former glory. Explore the wonders of Twin Sister Caves as you view the limestone walls that are chiseled by water.

Stand at the entrance to the cave and view the semi-desert surroundings that offer a remarkable picture of the Kingston harbor. With a great view and cool sea breezes from Hellshire Bay, Twin Sister Caves is where you can spend a relaxing day exploring its natural beauty. Twin Sister Caves also has a bit of exciting story to tell. This cave is said to be the place where two slave sisters escaped from a nearby plantation and while resting their hunters caught up with them. Not having the strength to run any further, they plunged to their deaths into the deep caverns. You might hear their lingering spirits during your tour.

The caves are separated by fallen rocks as the wooden staircase takes you to an observation platform. At this point you can relax in the peculiar setting of stillness and shimmering images. Take a closer look at the roof of the larger cavern to see the rock formations that looks like human faces. View the many artifacts of the Arawak past as this area was a sacred ceremonial site. Observe a small petro glyph that is framed by a wooden frame on the walls of the caves.

Twin Sister Caves are both filled with underwater ravines with large pools of crystal clear blue water. Walk along the rocky ledge that overlooks the pools to see some amazing fish eating bats as they dive into the water for a tasty meal. Explore the underground tunnels that were once used by the Arawaks, ad it connects you to other caverns.

Take an extraordinary trip to Twin Sister Caves and after your discoveries, visit the popular Hellshire Beach to enjoy delicious seafood with festivals and swim in the beautiful waters.