Trails Beach Rides


Trails Beach RidesSaddle up to experience another side of Jamaica’s fun adventure, as there is no better way to explore the mountain trails, the serene meadows and the sandy shores of the island. Go on an amazing beach trail ride that will take you horse-back riding into the sea, on a river walk or beach tour while the view the beautiful historical sites, plantations and alluring backdrops beckons you to go further. 

Unique and memorable, trail beach rides provide tours that are custom designed for all levels of riders. From family tours to private tours you will enjoy horseback riding and swimming into paradise. An enjoyable trail awaits you as you ride pass the scenic countryside, along the shoreline of white sandy beaches. You will be able to select from a wide range of adventures, to include sea adventures or river walks for both beginners and advanced riders.

Enjoy a variety of equestrian activities as well as riding, jumping and polo lessons on a beautiful beach. Tour the countryside on well-trained horses while you explore the tropical settings of hilly terrains and fabulous sites. On a spectacular trail beach ride the commanding views of a nearby Great House nestled among amazing vista and scenic mountains, draws you to explore more.

Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, you will enjoy the serenity of this adventure, as trail beach rides take you back in time to learn about Jamaica vibrant past, while offering a great blend of history and fun tales along the way. Take a refreshing run through the waves as it enlightens you with Jamaica’s rich natural beauty. Your trail beach rides may also take you to rides up to 1800ft above sea level to enjoy the impressive views across the interior and coastal areas of the island.

Take a leisurely ride through the Jamaican countryside on a horse and be guided to an unforgettable vacation experience through charming towns and mountain trails. Jamaica is where you can explore a variety of exhilarating equestrian activities to include riding lessons and adventurous beach rides throughout the island amazing countryside.