The Magnificent Prospect Plantation


Prospect PlantationThe 1000 acres working plantation known as the Prospect Plantation was established in the 18th century and is situated in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. This property offers one the most unique and fascinating colorful history of the estate, where you will see banana trees, sugar cane, coffee being planted for in house use. The Prospect Plantation offers the experience of feeding the ostriches and the amazing views of the secret gardens. Stroll through the butterfly aviary, or see the bees in their natural habitat while sipping on cold coconut water. The Prospect Plantation is also an accommodation oasis for the historical enthusiast.

Make friends with the many birds and the variety of animals while learning about the plantation greenery and history. See trees that have been planted by famous people. Take a tour of the sugar cane plants and a 17th century cane mill stop at the nearby White River and relax by it banks or go a bit further unto to the river head and see the superb views of St. Ann and St. Mary.

Get a chance to see one of the locals climbing the tall coconut trees for its tasty nuts, while learning about the fruits, vegetable and trees on the plantation. After which you can treat yourself to a coconut toppled with dark sugar. Placed in the woods are the camels, where you can enjoy a camel ride or just take a picture with the camels.

The 18th century Prospect Plantation Great House features many antiques, artifacts and painting of its first owners. The house is surrounded by a gorgeous garden, where you can feast your eyes on the spectacular views. You can enjoy a full day of activities at the plantation and if all the fun filled time leaves you tired but happy just be sure that you will be treated with warm and inviting hospitality.

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