Somerset Falls, Port Antonio


Somerset Falls Port AntonioSomerset Falls is a scenic waterfall which is a bit smaller and more tranquil than other falls on the island. Located in the beautiful northeastern parish of Portland, Somerset Falls run through a former plantation. Set amongst a scenic backdrop of lush forest and rocky settings, this waterfall is definitely the place to go. Chill out, take a swim and refresh yourself at this breathtaking waterfall which is hidden on an amazing landscape. 

Somerset Falls lies where the lovely Daniels River plunges down a narrow gorge, providing an exciting day of sun-bathing, relaxing and swimming among unspoilt nature. Enter the tranquil surroundings of Somerset Falls and notice the wonderful colors of the many exotic birds and tropical flowers as you stroll along the pathways to the top. This is an ideal getaway for a memorable picnic in paradise, as you and your family choose a spot on the upper level of the river for the best view of the falls.

Along the way the falls invite you to sit back, relax, and let the exotic surroundings pamper and cover you with excellent meditation spots and sitting areas. Learn about the varieties of plants and their uses from the tour guides while they escort you to the top falls. Once at the top, you will step unto a waiting boat to start your journey into a realm of nature’s best.

Capture the moments with your camera as you take in the beauty of the Bridal Veil Falls, leaving you breathless. As the boat slowly passes a delicate fall, you will enter the caverns of the hidden falls. While there enjoy a waterfall massage, dive off the rocks into cool waters, or relax in fascination of the beauty of the cave.

Take a break and relax at the Rhythm & Booze bar or dine at Fusion on the Falls restaurant that surrounds the alluring cascades. Somerset Falls is where cool vibes, untouched scenery and peaceful nature blends nicely for a unique Jamaica experience. Providing a spectacular peak into Jamaica’s world of exceptional attractions, Sommerset Falls also offer adorable riverside cottages and rooms for you to experience an authentic Portland vacation stay.

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