Rose Hall Great House


Rose Hall Located on Jamaica’s north coast, in the beautiful parish of St. James, is the extraordinary Rose Hall Estate and Great house. Nestled in the heart of lush landscapes, the dominant structure of Rose Hall Great House in Georgian-style captivates you with its unforgettable beauty. It can be seen clearly from the main boulevard in Montego Bay City and is believed to be haunted by the ghost of the white witch.

Calmly placed on a hilly terrain, the powerful Rose Hall Great House invokes a splendor of colonial homes, where dreams were brought to life. Withstanding many years of harsh realities, Rose Hall was built in the 18th century and finally belonged to Annie Mary Patterson.

Let us turn back the pages of history a bit and explore the wonders of Rose Hall Estate and its Great House. Boasting a character as one of the most outstanding great house in the English speaking Caribbean, Rose Hall Estate went through an epiphany of owners before Annie Patterson. Otherwise called the White Witch of Rose Hall, the legendary Annie was a voodoo magician who murdered three husbands, and was later killed by a voodoo priest from another plantation.

Settled on about 290 acres of plantation land, step inside Rose Hall to view the wonderful hand carved staircase of mahogany, follow the steps to its huge mahogany doors decorated by hand carvings and imagine its magnificence as you look out the windows unto the beautiful greens.

No doubt, this large house is haunted by memories of love, pain and happiness. But is also known for its spellbound effects on visitors like you, all set in a courteous old plantation home, you can enjoy the silk wallpapers, European antiques, chandeliers, mahogany floors and wooden ceilings. A bar and restaurant is located downstairs the Great House offering great Jamaican cuisines.

Today, Rose Hall is famous for houses a championship golf course and hosting lively Music Festivals for you to enjoy, such as the Jazz and Blues Festival. Capture the exciting moments while on tour of Rose hall Great House and see if the famous White Witch of Rose Hall will be in your digital memory.

So, if you are ever in Montego Bay, visit the Rose Hall Great House by all means and discover a piece of haunted Jamaican attraction.