River Rafting along the Rio Grande River


rio-grande-raftingJamaica is generally known for its beautiful beaches and warm friendly people, but this island paradise has much more to offer. The beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica boasts endless natural attractions all of which will help to make your visit all the more special. And one such attraction is to enjoy a day of river rafting on any of Jamaica’s pristine, cool and inviting rivers while viewing the exciting wildlife along its banks.

Jamaica being the third largest island in the Caribbean has a lot of rivers with stunning landscape of hills, and valleys surrounding them. All of which provide plenty of outdoor adventurous activities to do. Visit the parish of Portland and enjoy a bamboo raft cruise down the Rio Grande River. Here you will enjoy the scenery of the valley which is dominated by bamboo and banana groves. This is one of the most beautiful landscapes that you’ll ever see while rafting in Jamaica.

Your rafting trip will be your perfect occasion to relax and enjoy the waters of the rivers while lazily lounging under the tropical sun. This will help you to feel the rush and adrenaline racing through your blood as you flow along the rivers in pleasure. Your trip will take you on a river of adventure. As you will travel under towering bamboo archways, past the magnificent fern-shrouded groves, sail over rippling shallows and through some narrow yet fascinating passageway of moss-covered stones.

Get swallowed up by Jamaica’s natural beauty, as you enjoy the beautiful settings of the rainforest nestled among the cool mountains of Jamaica while having fun aboard a bamboo raft and sipping on some cool rum punch. Ensure you carry some pocket money while rafting because you can stop along the banks to purchase refreshments, food or souvenirs.

Your guide or captain will enlighten you with amusing stories and a bit of history to make your river rafting trip more memorable. Some of the other rivers that offer river rafting are the Great River, Martha Brae River, and the White River just to name a few. Another activity for you to enjoy if you are in for more adventure is tubing along the rivers!