Reach Falls


Reach FallsTake a break from beach life and visit Reach Falls which is situated in the heart of a tropical forest in Port Antonio, Portland. Explore the magic of Portland as you take a memorable ride to these gorgeous set of natural falls. Reach Falls offers a relaxing haven where you will enjoy the hiking trails along the narrow path, as it takes you to an underground cave with refreshing pools of water to swim and dive in.

Above the falls is the Drivers River which wanders over a series of pools, while the surrounding beauty provides a stunning vista of the island settings. You can enjoy Reach Falls 100-feet waterfall while you learn about its secretive Mandingo Caves. Boasting a series of cascading falls that tumbles over limestone rocks into hollow jaded pools with amazing waters, you can explore the natural settings of a scenic waterfall while vacationing in Jamaica.

Be enchanted by the beautiful hanging vines and bamboo canes which cover the falls, as you try to climb to the top. Unlike many of the falls in Jamaica, Reach Falls remains isolated during the off-season, so you can enjoy having the waterfalls to yourself. As you pass through tropical forest and beautiful surroundings enjoy the cascading falls, deep gorges and exotic flora and fauna the holds no abound. But beware of the deep pools and strong currents that will take you away.

Reach Falls is a cool, refreshing and breathtaking falls that is quite spectacular to enjoy. Don’t miss out on a fabulous Portland experience to explore Reach Falls and bask in a wonderful atmosphere of pure island scenes. There are changing rooms and bathrooms available at Reach Falls, while the vendors sell delicious cray-fish soup and other things at the parking lot.

When you have had all the fun at the falls, on your way back you can visit an old Rastafarian stall to buy unique craft it