Exploring Port Royal


Take a thrilling ride to the mystified town of the Port Royal and explore the once wickedest city on earth. Situated on the western end of the Palisadoes strip, Port Royal can be found a few miles from Norman Manley International Airport as it protects Kingston with its well-positioned harbor. Port Royal was made famous by the fact that it was a pirate’s paradise and a haven for pirates, such as the renowned Sir Henry Morgan. Unfortunately, the glory of Port Royal was short-lived, as on June 7, 1692, a massive earthquake hit Jamaica which rocked and destroyed most of the city.
Port Royal jamaica

Today, Port Royal is a small coastal fishing village that has maintained much of its former splendor. And a visit to this magnificent city will allow you to explore many of the old buildings that are still intact while viewing and interesting array of artifacts. On your trip to the town be sure to visit the final resting place of Lewis Galdy at St. Peter’s Anglican churchyard, the man that was swallowed alive by the earthquake and was later thrown into the sea by another shock.

After leaving the church, you should explore Fort Charles, the oldest surviving structure in Port Royal. There you will get to tour the small museum which houses a good collection of valuable artifacts that were recovered from the sunken section of the former city. After leaving the museum you can walk along Nelson’s Quarterdeck which is a hanging platform where Horatio Nelson is said to have observed incoming enemy ships. Climb the steps up to the platform to see the many guns pointing out to sea.
Port Royal

Next you can head to the southern point of Port Royal to visit Giddy House– a tilted artillery storehouse. After which you can head over to the Morgan’s Harbour Hotel which is built on the site of an old Naval Dockyard. The hotel is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the view of Gallows Point, Buccaneer’s Roost or the Port Royal Ferry Docks.

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