Pepper’s Nightclub


Pepper’s Nightclub The lively open-air hot spot of Peppers Night Club is one of Kingston’s premiere entertaining drinking holes. The recently revamped Pepper’s Night Club is situated on Barbican Road in Kingston’s suburban area. Because of its favored location, Pepper’s plays host to a range of parties and other musical treats. Providing delicious jerk chicken and pork is a favorite pastime of the Pepper’s Nightclub; as they offer a frenzy of dance hall music to international themes.

Enjoy a night out in Kingston, and visit the Pepper’s Nightclub, which provides a marvelous karaoke bar and drinks specials every Wednesday night. Boasting an extra large pool table you can enjoy a game of skittles with friends.

Pepper’s Night Club in Kingston is a blend of bar and lounge experience that caters to your entertaining needs. On certain days of the week you may be lucky to see popular entertainers passing through or offering thrilling tunes to dance to. Regarded as one of the best places to enjoy a fun filled night; Pepper’s Nightclub has flourished into a fabulous settings of entertaining features.

Secured parking is available at Pepper’s Nightclub, as this haven for nightly excitement will have you reveling for more.

Take the opportunity to visit Pepper’s Nightclub, when in Kingston and enjoy the feel of Jamaican hotspot with satisfying service and exceptional dishes.