Negril Lighthouse


Negril LighthouseNegril Lighthouse was built in 1894 and is situated on the southern landscapes of beautiful Negril Point. The lighthouse makes the perfect attraction to admire as it is located extremely west of the island. The lighthouse foundation is actually a tank that is 14-feet deep and filled with water to help keep the tower structure balance and secured in the event of an earthquake. Visit this stunning concrete tower that is painted white and stands 66-feet above ground level while the light is elevated at 100-feet above sea level.

Offering safe passage for incoming ships and other marine vessels, Negril Lighthouse provides an automatic white light which flashes every two seconds for secure landings. The Negril Lighthouse is situated about 3 miles south of the center of the vibrant town and is best view in the late evenings. Take a short drive down West End Road to explore this amazing concrete inspiration which makes a picture-perfect setting for weddings. The lighthouse site is a well known attraction in Negril as it provides the best sunsets views on the island.

You can take a guided tour of the lighthouse to the remarkable lantern and gallery area, as you climb the amazing 103 stairs, you will enjoy the flight to the top for a fabulous bird’s eye view. While enjoying the lovely views of the Caribbean Sea and countryside of Negril, the light house lawn beckons you capture moment of this heavenly oasis. You will can relax and enjoy the lighthouse garden as it provides a romantic and traditional Jamaican ambiance for couples to bask in the beautiful coastlines of the island.

Negril Light house is a useful yet historical landmark that is worth your visit. So, stay at one of the nearby guesthouses or hotels to enjoy the amusement of the lighthouse and unwind in real Negril experience while on your next vacation to Jamaica.