Mayfield Falls


Mayfield FallsBeautiful Negril and its surroundings offer you the chance to experience more of Jamaica, besides the resort life and its spectacular seven-mile beach. Take an exciting trip to Mayfield Falls, which is nestled on 5-acres of scenic beauty. Mayfield Falls is situated in Glenbrook, Westmoreland as the Dolphin Head Mountains provide a seamless natural backdrop of the landscapes.

Mayfield Falls is a series of falls and pools that beckons you to take a refreshing dip in any of the enchanting swimming holes, which are sheltered by the bamboo. To reach the falls you will cross a bamboo and log bridge, as you follow closely packed river stones. Once you pass the amazing trail of native Jamaican fruits and plant trees you will come upon these beautiful falls.

Mayfield Falls is great for camping, hiking and picnicking, while providing other activities to enjoy. Allow your adventurous side to jump off the cliffs into the refreshing pools of water, as you explore the caves below and dive to the depth of the caverns. Relax in one of the natural Jacuzzis at Mayfield Falls while the gushing waters offer an energetic and wonderful massage.

At Mayfield Falls, you will also enjoy the local folk dances where you can partake in the activities. Learn how to prepare Jamaican dishes with the unique spices and herbs of the island. Mayfield Falls is an attractive nature setting that boasts 22 small falls that flows into numerous swimming spots. Enjoy a relaxing stroll through the hilly countryside that surrounds the shady cool waters as it beckons you to take a dip.

A great way to explore the falls is by taking a hiking trip straight up the rocks, which gives amazing views of the falls and its surroundings. Bask in the beauty of Mayfield Falls perfect natural settings while you grab a bite and drink at the open-air bamboo bar and restaurant at the base of the falls.