Hope Botanical Gardens


Hope Botanical GardensIf you are visiting Kingston, Jamaica and looking for the ultimate haven to relax and unwind, then visit the Hope Botanical Gardens. This grand garden is about 200 acres and is the largest botanical garden in the Caribbean. The Hope Botanical Gardens is an oasis of tranquility that includes fountains, a zoo, a forest garden, an ornamental pond, a cactus garden, an orchid house, a palm path of sago palms and also a vegetarian restaurant to tantalize your taste buds.

The Hope Gardens was originally owned by a commander of the British army and was also used as a sugar estate but after the late 1900, 200 acres of the land were bought by the government to be an experimental garden to grow unfamiliar plants. The Queen Elizabeth II visited the gardens in 1953, and the garden was renamed The Royal Botanical Garden, Hope.

The magnificent garden is a small walk away from the University of Technology and is about 15 minutes from the University of the West Indies, and it features an interesting aviary of exotic birds. Being the largest public green apace in the Kingston, there is a collection of exotic botanical plants; with an extraordinary bougainvillea walk showcasing its magnificent array of tropical colors. The garden has many species of flowers and a sunken garden of lily pond, which is fantastic to cross over.

There are many rare and beautiful species of tropical plants and tree at the botanical gardens, including the national tree of the Blue Mahoe. This tree is small but spread its branches with flowers that open in primrose color in the morning and change to orange and read as the day progresses. Hope Garden also has some plants and trees, which are similar to the botanical garden at Bath, St. Thomas, Jamaica.

Come by and relax while spending time with family and friends. Stroll through the well manicured lawns and see the graceful and splendid indigenous flowers and plants as this garden represents the wildlife and fauna of the Caribbean.

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