FireflyLocated about 20-miles east of Ocho Rios in the historic town of Port Maria, the beautiful vacation home of Sir Noel Coward is a famous heritage site known as Firefly House. Nestled on the gorgeous landscape of Oracabessa, Jamaica, Firefly House is an English-style bungalow surrounded by spacious green lawns that overlooks the sea. Firefly appeals lure you to discover a hidden gem of Jamaica, as it is perched high on a hilltop.

Interestingly, Firefly was once a sacred burial ground for the Taino indians, the island’s first inhabitants. However, the property has since passed through many hands to include the bubbly Captain Henry Morgan. During his reign this pirate placed a lookout and dug a secret escape tunnel to the town of Port Maria. While on site you will see evidence of this era but not much. In 1948, Sir Coward bought the property and built a wonderful winter retreat for his friends to enjoy island settings.

Surprisingly, Firefly is rather simple to explore although the Eden-like setting is where Sir Coward entertained well-known friends and family. Firefly is a tropical haven that is floats above flashy resorts and towns of Port Maria. It allows you to reconnect with the island’s fascinating past and present, while you stroll through this mountaintop Jamaican home. Sir Coward is also buried here as he loved the island so much.

Take a guided tour of the museum as you are greeted with a tasty fruit cocktail. While there you will see a video of Noel Coward's life and achievements, along with photographic exhibits of his many distinguished guests, and also displays of Sir Coward's art studio with his fabulous array of oil paintings and other items. High Spirits, the Quadrille and other plays were some of the creative things Sir Coward did while on the island. Listen to the old tunes of Sir Coward singing about mad dogs and Englishmen as it echoes over the lawns while touring this lovely location. After the tour, visit the gift shop to buy amazing keepsakes.

Firefly is opened Monday to Thursday and on Saturdays from 8.30am to 5pm. Take an exciting trip to discover a piece of hidden treasure in Port Maria.