Fiction Lounge


Fiction Lounge Bar Indulge in the Fiction Lounge experience and be entertained by the lovely range of musical pleasures.

Located on Constant Spring Road, Fiction Lounge is a bit of private flair in the hip and trendy Marketplace shopping area. Because of its location, it is the place to host your private parties and other celebratory functions. Boasting the first in Jamaica to display different segments of club space ambiance; Fiction Lounge has all the right attitudes of relaxation for you.

No matter what theme of event you have in mind, the Fiction Lounge can make it happen. From energetic beats to soothing pleasures your needs will be met. Even though it was recently opened in 2008, Fiction Lounge has three VIP booths. Nicely situated in one corner is the Johnnie Walker Lounge, which features mysterious wall colors of earth tones.

The attractive interiors of this area can be rented as their leather cushion lends a hand to sophistication and class. The Moet Marlboro Star and the Main Seating Lounges are the two other areas where you can feel the effects of dazzling entertainment.
With a blend of tasty, mouth-watering meals you are sure enjoy the surroundings. Fiction Lounge is where classic meets contemporary, as it daring artwork and psychedelic lighting will have you in a trance.

Complete your experience of Kingston and visit the Fiction Lounge, which is a spell of entertaining clichés with Jamaica’s nightly uprising.