FalmouthA charming old town that settles on the north coast of beautiful Jamaica, Falmouth is the capital of the parish Trelawny. Falmouth is an old-world charm waiting to be explored by you, as you wander among the gorgeous 19th century Georgian architectural buildings. Falmouth also serves as the access point to some of the best island attractions. Located east of Falmouth is Ocho Rios, with its amazing Dunn’s River Falls, while to the west is exciting Montego Bay with its beautiful array of beaches. Go further west to the town of Negril for a great island experience.

The town of Falmouth has so many things for you to do and enjoy, where some of the best art and crafts shopping is available. Take a horse and buggy ride through town or cruise on a river bamboo for an thrilling raft ride. Falmouth and its rich heritage dates back to more than 240 years. The parish was named after Sir William Trelawny of Cornwall, England as the town of Falmouth was renowned for being one of the Caribbean’s best-preserved British towns.

Interestingly, during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Falmouth was one of the busiest ports in Jamaica, as the town houses hundreds of sugar plantations. View the town buildings, from old to not so old, as it makes an interesting picture of historical value. Falmouth unique settings will bring you closer to the exceptional gingerbread fretwork houses with jalousie windows that are ideally placed among commercial buildings dating from 1769 to 1840.

Visit Falmouth Historic District and walk through a timeless landscape, view each home at every corner and street, which will tell you a different tale of Jamaica’s rich history. Also within Falmouth are small wooden houses and brick Georgian mansions that are perfectly scattered throughout the town.

The town of Falmouth offers a real Jamaican experience, where you can bask in the amazing setting of rustic urban life. With its intriguing collection of Georgian buildings that is unparalleled in the entire Caribbean, you will enjoy touring every last bit of Falmouth.