Eco Tourism in Jamaica



Jamaica is a top tourist destination that is known for its outstanding beauty and magnificent beaches. But, did you know that the island is one of the Caribbean’s best eco-tourism destinations that offer a unique ecological and cultural diversity that will let you enjoy an authentic experience?

If you are a tourist interested in eco tourism, there are plenty of eco tourist attractions in Jamaica to whet your appetite. Beyond the main ports of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril, the lush island of Jamaica boasts lots of hiking trails, secluded beaches, waterfalls and many other hidden treasures. The most unique attractions will take you to some of the most remote destinations in Jamaica that very few tourists have the opportunity to visit. Best of all you can choose from sobering bush treks to off-road exploits on your trip with nature.

Raft the Magnificent Black River

If your idea of a perfect trip is getting up close and personal with the natural world, you’ll want to check out Jamaica’s Black River. Snaking its way for 33 miles from the Cockpit Country to the south coast, Black River is the largest freshwater wetland ecosystem in Jamaica. A trip to this magnificent river means that you will get to take guided tours along the island’s longest river, where you can study the flora, see crocodiles and more than 100 species of birds as well as explore the shallow brackish lagoons, marshes, mud flats, limestone islands, and mangroves.
Jamaica black-river

Relax at the Cool YS Falls

When it comes to eco tourist attractions, YS Falls is another one of Jamaica’s finest options. Tucked away in a secluded rural location in St. Elizabeth, YS Falls is a seven tiered waterfall with jagged sky-high rocks and beautiful cool, green pools beneath. Unlike many waterfalls in Jamaica, YS Falls receives very few visitors, which means that the surroundings is intact and is the true definition of lush. When you visit this eco attraction, you will have the opportunity to experience the beauty of the waterfalls as well as many indigenous flora and fauna.

Explore the Mysteries of Luminous Lagoon

Just outside of Montego Bay in Trelawney, is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world, Luminous Lagoon. Luminous Lagoon or Glistening Waters as it is affectionally called is a serene lagoon offering swimming, bamboo rafting adventures and kayaking. The best part of this natural wonder occurs when the sun goes down, and millions of microscopic creatures light up the waters when they are disturbed. This incredible and unforgettable occurrence can only be found in three locations in the world, and the finest one is at the Luminous Lagoon.
glistening waters

Explore the Mountains of Clarendon

Escape the normal Jamaican tourist trails and head to Clarendon to explore the rugged Bull Head Mountains. Located in the northern section of Clarendon, Bull Head is one of the most accessible and least visited mountains in Jamaica. The mountain’s highland natural beauty is relatively unspoilt and it offers a trail that makes the journey as enjoyable as the destination itself. Bull Head boasts a beautiful forest of pine trees, but the greatest reward at this attraction is when you climb to the peak to see the wonderful scenery.

Surround Yourself with the Exotic Fern Gully

Named after the wide variety of ferns, which grow in the area, Fern Gully is an enchanted forest of ferns and lush vegetation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The three-mile winding stretch of scenic road is enclosed by trees and sunlight barely penetrates. The fern-shaded forest boasts over 500 species of ferns most of which can be found only in Jamaica and many walking paths for you to explore. In addition, this eco attraction has the kind of foliage that can only to be found in a tropical rain forest.
Fern Gully jamaica

No matter what your interests are, eco tourism is alive and well in Jamaica and any one of these attractions will reward you with a travel with a difference.

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