Dunn’s River Falls


The stunning Dunn’s River Falls is a living phenomenon that is just a stone’s throw from Ocho Rios town center. Dunn’s River Falls is a unique place to see and climb the gushing waters which flows over the small dome-shaped cascades of thermal energy. Dunn’s River Falls is a popular attraction in Ocho Rios, as the 1,000-feet high waterfalls allow you to climb the terraces of giant steps. Boasting several amazing lagoons to swim and enjoy the beauty of the falls you can immerse in the distinctive character that is loved by all who visit it.

Dunns River Ocho Rios Jamaica

Climbing the waterfalls provides you with a lively workout as you follow the path of steep rocks and refreshing waters. Bask in the beautiful surroundings as the falls is bounded by lush, green vegetation that offer cool shelter from the sun. As you climb the falls from the beach to the extreme top, stop on the way to enjoy the cool flows of water. Plunge in the unique pools that naturally float gentle in some places, while others roar with excitement. When you get to the top, you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed to explore more.

The falls is the perfect location for fun and relaxation for the entire family, as an enchanting discovery awaits you around every corner. Dunn’s River Falls are truly one of the most beautiful spots on the island to explore. Providing a great mix of modern facilities within the rustic charms of a natural setting, Dunn’s River also offers fabulous picnic areas, as well as boardwalks and decks with scenic views of the falls and beyond.

After climbing the falls you can enjoy playing and swimming on the sun-kissed beach that boasts a lovely stretch of golden sand as it hugs the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. And if you are a nature buff, you will enjoy nature as you relax in the lush tropical foliage of amazing ferns, bamboos, ginger lilies, orchids, a variety of palms and breadfruit trees. Stroll through the souvenir shop near the parking lot to view or buy wood carvings, straw craft plus an insightful range of other art items.

The remarkable café on the grounds offer savory delights to please your taste buds, while you enjoy a plate of authentic Jamaican food. Spend a day relaxing at Dunn’s River Falls and experience an unforgettable Jamaican holiday, you will be happy to return for more pleasure climbs.